How to Successfully Remodel Your Basement

Consider a Basement Remodel Whether Buying or Selling

Do you dread the idea of moving? You lay awake at night, losing sleep, thinking about it? Well, welcome to the club because we all do. But how do you create more livable space in your current home without having to add an addition? Well, the easiest, quickest, most economical way to do that may be through doing your own basement remodel. It doesn’t have to break the bank nor does it have to stress you out completely. There’s a way a basement remodel can be done pretty simply and pretty cost effectively. Here’s a couple things to consider.

A lot of people have really strange feelings about the basement because they find it claustrophobic, dark and dingy. Now, that’s obviously not a place you want to spend any of your time. The key to doing a successful basement remodel is to make the space feel as open, light, and bright as possible. A lighter space feels much bigger.

A couple of ways to do that are by opening up the space by removing as many walls as is possible. Now, of course, you can’t remove structural walls, but any kind of space you can open up to create what would be considered a large family room space would be fantastic. Canned lighting is wonderful for brightening up the space and you can never go wrong with more natural light. If that means adding oversized windows, then go for it.

Adding a basement bedroom and bathroom significantly increases the value of your home, more so than if you were to include just a living room. Now, please know, in order to have a legal bedroom in your basement, you must add an egress window. That is the type of window where someone could escape in the case of a fire. Plus, you must have a closet. Those two things equal a legal bedroom in your basement which will give you the added value you’re looking for.

When people think about flooring in a basement, they automatically assume carpet is always the best idea. Carpet is great because basement flooring can feel really cold, but if you’ve ever had issues with moisture in your basement, you definitely don’t want to have to deal with pulling up wet, soggy carpet. A great alternative is to leave the concrete floor, and brighten it up by painting or staining. Throw rugs are a wonderful idea for warming it up for those winter nights.

If you’re a buyer considering adding homes to your search that involve you doing a custom basement remodel, or you’re a seller looking for ways to unlock additional value in your home prior to listing, please get in touch with me at 720-933-8499, I’m happy to help.

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