Why Do Seniors Opt to Stay In a Home That No Longer Suits Them?

BPAF5PFor many senior citizens here in Colorado, it’s natural to want to stay in the home that they’ve been comfortable in for years, even decades. However, what happens when the home no longer seems to serve them quite like it used to?   Maybe the stairs are now too steep to climb, maybe the driveway too long to shovel, the yard overwhelming to maintain, or maybe it’s simply that the overall size or the home is too large to keep clean on a consistent basis.   This is the situation in which many seniors find themselves these days, due to a multitude of factors, with declining health being the most common.

However, even though many seniors face these challenges with their current home, they chose to continue living in a home that no longer serves their actual needs, when in most cases, it’s probably more appropriate that they sell and purchase something better suited to their situation.   So this leaves us with a burning question:  Why do most seniors avoid downsizing and continue to reside in a home that has become more of a burden than an enjoyable and safe place to live?

A survey was recently conducted of 70 senior sellers in order to gain some valuable insight into why these seniors choose to stay in a home that is no longer comfortable for them.  The results are as follows:

The top reasons, in order, that cause seniors to consider a move:

1)      Maintenance of the home

2)      Health Issues

3)      Downsizing

4)      Loneliness

5)      Transportation

6)      Age

7)      Finances

The top three fears that keep seniors from actually making a move are:

1)      Fear of Change

2)      Fear of Downsizing

3)      Emotional Fears

4)      Financial Concerns

5)      Loss of Independence

Based on this survey, it’s very apparent that seniors are not oblivious, and do in fact acknowledge that the home has become burdensome.  However, fear is the number one factor that contributes to them not making a decision that would otherwise serve them better.  No matter what our age, we all fall victim to a fear of change, and even if we are unhappy in a situation, we sometimes choose to stay because it’s comfortable.

Another interesting result of this survey was the fact that all the respondents had been in their homes for more than 30 years, and were actually confused as to what housing options are available for seniors in their situation, whether it is owning, renting, or some sort of senior living community.  They simply aren’t informed enough about what choices they do have, and what choice would be the best applied to their specific situation.  Confusion is just another aspect of the decision making process that can make someone fear making the decision altogether.

When it comes to helping seniors make these important and life changing decisions, the fear and emotion around the transition process of moving into a different phase of life needs to be acknowledged and dealt with compassionately.   Our mission at Property Fox is to provide seniors with resources regarding housing options that best suit their individual needs, as well as to instill hope that making such a move will in fact provide more enjoyment and relaxation in their lives.   Property Fox will provide a stress free process for seniors to take advantage of, as it pertains to selling and downsizing their real estate, to insure that this important transition in life runs as smooth as possible.

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