I Need Help Selling My Parents’ Home

sell parents home blog picWhen the time comes to sell your parents’ home the process can trigger strong emotions. There are many factors that may contribute to feelings of angst and apprehension. If your parents have lived in the same home for years, you may find yourself ill-equipped or overwhelmed with the prospect of sifting through decades of memories when they depart the home, either by their own accord or when they pass on.

I remember a woman who contacted me to help her sell her parents’ home located in Denver, Colorado. She asked me to come over to give her a property valuation. When I arrived, she told me that we were standing in her childhood home where her parents had lived until they passed away three years prior. She and her two siblings were so distraught at the death of both parents that they hadn’t touched anything in the home for the last three years – literally nothing. It was as if time had stood still. As the woman told me about her recent family history, I began to understand why the once grand home now appeared to be the most run down property on the block.

Delving into the pain of cleaning out years of family memories, selling a home that was in severe disrepair, and settling an estate with estranged siblings who could only communicated via a probate attorney were all extremely painful and overwhelming tasks for this woman. I listened to her as she told me stories about her childhood, how her parents died, and cherished memories of family times spent in the home. She shed tears and I knew that more than anything, my patience and compassion were what she was looking for in someone to help her reach her ultimate goal of moving forward with the next chapter of life after the sale of this home.

It was inconceivable to this woman to put a for sale sign in the yard, put a lockbox on the front door, list the home on the open market, and have buyers and agents traipsing through her family home. She just was not in an emotional place to have her cherished memories on display for the public. She wanted to sell the home in the easiest way possible, bypassing all of the stress of the traditional real estate process. I was able to bring a cash offer to her, reflecting the value of the property in its current state, without the need for the family to lift one finger to do any repairs, and with a close date determined by the family. The siblings wanted sufficient time to be able to go through the 2500 sq ft + home, which was chock full of decades of personal items, in order to decide what they would sell at an estate sale and what would be kept by each of them respectively. Ultimately, they cleaned out about a third of the total items and the buyer took care of hauling away the rest which was a huge relief for the family. The buyer was ready, willing, and able to close whenever the family was ready. The family closed eight months later, allowing the siblings to get through the process without feeling rushed.

When senior parents pass away and adult children need to sell the family home, emotions can run high and the situation can get very sticky, very fast. I saw the need for a simple sales solution so the siblings could realize their inheritance without having to spend any time, money, or energy (all in short supply) on extensive repairs. Plus, they needed a professional with compassion, understanding, and patience as they were undertaking a very emotional task they had avoided for three years. Contact Property Fox if you need help selling your parents’ home in the least stressful way possible. (720) 933-8499, oliviarealtor@gmail.com