I Need Help Selling My Parents’ Home

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When the time comes to sell your parents’ home the process can trigger strong emotions. There are many factors that may contribute to feelings of angst and apprehension. If your parents have lived in the same home for years, you may find yourself ill-equipped or overwhelmed with the prospect of sifting through decades of memories […]

Why Do Seniors Opt to Stay In a Home That No Longer Suits Them?

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For many senior citizens here in Colorado, it’s natural to want to stay in the home that they’ve been comfortable in for years, even decades. However, what happens when the home no longer seems to serve them quite like it used to?   Maybe the stairs are now too steep to climb, maybe the driveway too […]

Options to Weigh When Considering Senior Downsizing

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Living “on the fence” is not a comfortable place to be but unfortunately a situation in which many older adults find themselves. The options can be overwhelming when older adults start to consider whether they should stay in their current home or downsize into an apartment, condominium, or senior community. The enjoyment that should be […]