How to Successfully Remodel Your Basement

Consider a Basement Remodel Whether Buying or Selling Do you dread the idea of moving? You lay awake at night, losing sleep, thinking about it? Well, welcome to the club because we all do. But how do you create more livable space in your current home without having to add an addition? Well, the easiest, […]

Real Estate Jargon 101

Real Estate Jargon

Lots of jargon is used in real estate and sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to understand what exactly all of these terms mean. Some terms may sound very basic, but what do they really mean? What exactly does “sell as-is” mean and what does it mean when someone says they’ll buy your house with cash? Doesn’t every […]

Is A “Do It Yourself” Remodel Right For You?

The remodeling shows on HGTV are undoubtedly a massive hit, and all of the “reality” real estate shows on TV have been a very interesting phenomenon to watch. I must say I love them too, so much, I even created my own, The Property Fox Show. The logic works. For example, you’ve inherited a family property […]